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Balloon shaped goblet (Set of 6)

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Colour Glass Clear 
Material Transparent 
Item Dimensions 74.5 cl and 251/4 oz 

Product Description

Your friends would have secretly envied you for the classic collection of glassware you own. Now, make them more envious by adding this balloon shaped goblet to your list. The glass flawlessly unites durability, beauty and elegance. There is excellent clarity and the fine rim enhances the overall drinking experience. 

Product Uniqueness/Material

This glass is perfect for your favourite fruit punch recipe, cocktails, mocktails, spicy sangria and every other drink that you want to serve your friends and family. Made of high quality glass, it is both safe and durable. The chip-resistant rim prolongs the life of the glass and the excellent clarity helps you showcase your favourite beverages. The large bowl gives you plenty of space for fruit, ice and the unique shape traps the aromas and flavours.



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