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Light green Water Glass (Set of 6)

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Colour Green 
Material Transparent 
Item Dimensions 27 CL Height - 92,5 MM

Product Description

The lightweight light green drinking glass is durable by nature and is made from tempered glass.It can be used for both hot and cold beverages.  The size of the glass is perfect for serving for a variety of beverages, including juice, water, iced coffee and more. It has a thicker lip and is easily stackable without sticking. 

Product Uniqueness/Material

These glasses have resistance to thermal shocks. Ideal to sip any beverage, from juices to coffee and iced drinks, these glasses have a practical stackable design. It is easy for you carry them and even store them in you cabinets easily. As they are easy to stack, they save a lot of space. The glasses are made of premium quality tempered glass. They are resistant to breakage and chipping. Dishwasher friendly, you can wash them with your hands daily!


Dry clean or Spot clean only

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