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Great Home Decoration Ideas for Holi!

Pretty planters for Holi

Planters and plants are a handy and multifunctional décor element. They help you fill-up the unused/bare spaces and bring in a lot of colours, bringing the outdoors inside. Look at our show-stopping indoor planters that we are sure won't break the bank.

These rainbow coloured planters will definitely brighten up your space! With a modern retro appeal, the planters have a charm of their own.

Bring some life into your homes with these oval shaped metal planters. The set of three planters adds a contemporary style to your space. Arrange flowers of different colours to enhance the beauty of the area.

This charming desk top planter is great for your home for planting your favorites plants. It is also a great decorative piece for corner tables at home.

Fabulous fabrics for Living and Bedroom

Why stick to the same color palette in your home, when you can make the theme seasonal. Adapt the fabrics of your home as per the season outside. Holi is the festival, where you can add some colour to your neutral furniture.

Colorful Cushions & Bedsheets

Make your home festive-ready with some colourful cushion covers. You can always choose cushions covers with some embroidery or those with some light work on them. Bring in the sense of joy and colour with some cotton colourful bedsheets. Spread bedsheets that are bright in colour and are easy to maintain and wash.

Decorative trays & urlis for balcony and portico

Quirky Trays in different shapes

Place decorative trays in different shapes filled with good quality gulal in multiple colours. This way, when your have your friends and family arrive at your place, they need not look around for the colours for the Festival. Arranging multiple colours in beautiful trays and urlis will surely enhance your home decor. You can also arrange some flower petals in the trays and urlis.

Artistic Brass Urlis

Brass Urlis can be placed at the entrance to your home or can be placed in the balconies. Float some colourful floral petals or fill them with gulal. The regal and artistic brass urlis can add a classy and elegant look to your space. Put these urlis to multiple uses.

Entertain with dazzling tableware and aromatic candles

If you are entertaining family and friends this Holi, it's worthwhile setting up your dining table with some dazzling tableware. Serve snacks and appetizers in stylish enamel print platters.

Fun with Colourful Furniture

Quirky, stylish and trendy wooden ladders

Add some colour to your homes with stylish and book-shelf wooden ladders. Handcrafted with foldable shelving, these wooden ladders are great for displaying artifacts, plants, showpieces etc.

Hope this blog helps you with some inspiring decoration ideas and gears up to celebrate the festival of colours with great enthusiasm and aplomb.

Happy Holi from all of us at SofaPotato!

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